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    Each letter comes with a saints letter from Letters from the Saints, a one page novena for the month, and a saints prayer card.


    It's completely free!

  • How to get started

    1. Complete and submit the form below to make a subscription request.
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    Note, subscription requests cannot be added to the mailing list if:

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  • FAQ

    Why should I sign up?

    Letters from Saint Anthony Mail are designed to help the ill and the homebound be more connected to our Catholic Church. In many cases, they might not be able to attend mass regularly or at all. The most important gift is to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist, The letters help keep that tie to our precious Catholic Faith and to help them be prepared to receive Our Lord when they can.

    What are in the letters?

    The letters include a saints letter, a one page novena, and a prayer card.

    Are the letters free?

    Yes. The letters are free Catholic materials sent by mail. We rely on donations to keep sending out the letters. If you can, please make a donation in order to be able to keep sending out the letters every month.


    When will the first letter arrive?

    The letters are sent out once a month around the middle of each month. The letters are sent from the United States. Letters with U.S. addresses should arrive within a week to ten days. Letters outside the U.S. might take much longer.

    Do you deliver internationally?

    Yes. Letters are sent worldwide wherever mail is delivered. Everything in the letters is in English.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes. You can can cancel your subscription at any time. You can also pause your subscription for any amount of time. Simply enter a comment below to make any changes to your subscription and the change will be taken care of right away.

    What if I have another question?

    Use the question form below to get any additional questions answered.

  • Make a Donation

    Saint Anthony Mail relies on donations to send out the monthly letters. The money donated goes to pay for supplies like paper, envelopes, and postage. The labor to put the letters together is all volunteer effort and time. Thank you for helping to keep our loved ones connected to Holy Mother Church through snail mail letters.

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